“The Flowers”

Why do we tend to focus so much on the elements we don’t possess? The past and the future, but rarely the present. I believe we try to escape our issues with the thoughts that things will be different. We reminisce over past happiness, and “what was” situations so much that we miss out on … Continue reading “The Flowers”



“The changes we’re afraid to make are sometimes the most important changes in our lives.” Starting a new career, changing locations, ending a relationship, all these are changes that can drastically shift your life, and in most cases the ones we hesitate on making. By nature, we like to live in comfort zones. Being in … Continue reading Shift.

10 Things I did in 2017, that I won’t be doing in 2018.

Happy New Year Everyone!!! I hope that you had an amazing holiday season, and that you are recharged and ready for what God has for you in 2018. With entering the New Year, instead of a New Year’s resolution I decided to do something slightly different, I did some self-reflecting on my 2017. I noticed … Continue reading 10 Things I did in 2017, that I won’t be doing in 2018.